2019 Update:


We have some sad news for our cherry customers. This past winters’ record cold weather has killed ALL of our cherry trees. We are now in the re-building mode. Although we won’t have any fresh cherries to pick for the next 3-4 years, we have an opportunity to partner with a cherry producer in Michigan to bring in frozen cherries of the same Montmorency variety we grow here, as well as juice. We will be
taking orders on facebook, or email. If we get enough orders to make a shipment worthwhile we will have the product available here at the orchard the weekend of July 6-7. For the diehard cherry lovers out there this product is equal in quality to our own great Steffen’s cherries.

We will offer the frozen Montmorency cherries in 5 lb bags (gallon Ziploc bags) for $13 or 40 lb boxes for $85. They will be individually frozen like marbles so can easily be divided into smaller containers. Please let us know by June 23rd if you would like to order frozen cherries or juice. We will then make an announcement on our website and facebook pages to let everyone know if we received enough orders to be able to have the product on July 6-7. Thanks and we really hope to see you even if it is only to pick up frozen cherries this year.


As for the blueberries...The plants are alive, however, the fruit has been compromised by the cold winter and freezing temps late in the spring. We probably will be doing some picking in early July and will post official times as soon as we have a better idea.