2019 Update:


We are continuing to receive orders for cherries and our next pickup date will be Saturday, July 27th. If you would like to order cherries Please do one of the following:

1. Call us at (920) 563 9608 and leave a message with how much you would like along with your name.

2. Go to Steffen Orchards on Facebook and leave a message or comment on the most recent post regarding the new cherry pickup date.

3. Send us an email through the website with your order.

The deadline for placing your order is July 21.

Please bring cash or check as we do not accept credit card for payment.

We will offer the frozen Montmorency cherries in 5 lb bags (gallon Ziploc bags) for $13 or 40 lb boxes for $85. They will be individually frozen like marbles so can easily be divided into smaller containers, and we will only be providing pitted cherries. We will also have cherry juice available for $10/gallon as well as jams/jellies and other goodies.


Blueberries are coming along, and it looks life we will have a decent amount for picking around July 15-20. Official dates will be posted as the berries approach maturity